Meta Adds New IP Tools

03 November 2022

Meta Adds New IP Tools

In order to facilitate greater commerce activity and attract more businesses to its larger retail efforts, Meta is working to assist brands in better protecting their intellectual property rights across all of its applications.

The Brand Rights Protection Manager feature, which is found in the Business Manager app, is getting some upgrades first.

Brand Rights Protection Manager allows companies to upload images of their licensed products, which Meta's systems can then use as a reference point for detecting similar matches, in order to highlight potential usage violations in Page posts, Marketplace listings, among others. Brand Rights Protection Manager was first introduced in March of last year.

In order to reduce false positives, Meta is now adding new functionality to the tool, such as automated takedowns for companies with a long history of reporting, improved alert recommendations based on expanded detection, and the capability for rights holders to upload a list of Facebook Pages and Instagram accounts that are permitted to use product images.

"Facebook has become stricter with the infringers on its platform due to the number of brands that are signing on to be on the Metaverse, while in March last year, it had launched the  IP rights manager that would alert the rights holder of any unauthorised re-creation of their products or let content creators monetize third party videos that were using their content subject to the Partner monetisation rules of Facebook," says Govind Chaturvedi, an IP, social media law and privacy expert. "Facebook has gone a step further in order to sanitize its platform from IP infringement, by upgrading ito its Brand Rights Protection Manager tool, now brands have improved search features as they can search by image, they can now search and report infringing adverts, Facebook page, profiles, and Instagram accounts."

He adds, "This will also lead to automatic takedowns of the impersonators of brands (in contrast earlier it would take a day for Facebook to conduct the investigation, now brand with a history of accurate reporting can have automatic takedowns), as well as allow brands to upload a list of pages that are licensed/authorised to feature their brand and finally added a brand new insights dashboard for Model Rights Safety, which can show the final 90 days of reviews submitted and subsequent actions taken. Metaverse will add to this by adding an Application programming interface. This can be seen in the direction that Facebook is trying to make its platform more brand-friendly, as has been recently seen that a number of brands are filing trademark applications in the Metaverse category to be able to sell their goods on the metaverse. Hence, these actions are required in order to maintain a good marketplace on the Metaverse."  





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