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China, India drive increase in global patent filings in 2022

12 December 2023

China, India drive increase in global patent filings in 2022

Patent filings around the world jumped from 3.40 million in 2021 to 3.46 million in 2022, according to the latest World Intellectual Property Indicators Report. This development highlights three consecutive years of growth as far as global patent applications are concerned.

The report further shows China and India had a lot to do with it, as both countries recorded significant increases in the number of applications filed by residents in 2022.

China recorded 1.58 million patent filings from China-based applicants for domestic and foreign jurisdictions, up by 3.1 percent from 2021.

Meanwhile, India’s patent applications from residents increased by 31.6 percent in 2022. Previously, there were few national filings, and most patent filings were international applications entering the country in the national phase. Lack of awareness of IP rights, patentable inventions and the mindset – among small businesses at least – that IP may not yield monetary returns accounted for this grim scenario.

Rachna Bakhru, Partner, RNA, Technology and IP Attorneys, Gurugram

However, recent years have witnessed the launch of several government initiatives and policy reforms designed to benefit startups and SMEs, promote innovation and encourage small enterprises to file for IP rights. These initiatives are Startup India, Make in India and Digital India, which offer financial support and simplify regulatory processes.

“The impact of these government efforts is evident in the exponential number of startups, which has crossed 50,000, with nearly 1,500 startups added yearly, and in the national patent filings,” revealed Rachna Bakhru, a partner at RNA, Technology and IP Attorneys in Gurugram.

The Covid-19 pandemic also played a part in escalating innovation activities in India. “A crisis is the mother of invention,” said Bakhru. “The consumers and businesses went digital overnight. The pandemic expedited the adoption of digital payment solutions. From peer-to-peer lending platforms to blockchain-based solutions, the fintech sector has become a hotbed for innovation, contributing to increased national patent filings,” she explained.

Healthtech also rose to new heights with innovations leading to telemedicine, remote patient monitoring and health-related apps. Such technologies addressed the shortage of doctors and healthcare facilities during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Similarly, edutech witnessed growth triggered by the pandemic. “The young entrepreneurs seized this opportunity to develop platforms and apps providing personalized solutions, connecting consumers with service providers and improving the accessibility of services,” said Bakhru.

Released by the World Intellectual Property Organization, the World Intellectual Property Indicators Report is an annual survey of IP activities around the globe.

- Espie Angelica A. de Leon

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