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Increasing trademark filings in India have surpassed pre-pandemic figures

Covid-19 and the resulting pandemic may have something to do with it, say two New Delhi lawyers.

Determination of jurisdiction when an arbitration clause is part of a contract

Siddhast Intellectual Property Innovations Pvt. Ltd v. The Controller General of Patents Designs Tra...

Domain names and meta tags in trademark infringement

A travel agency in India used ‘Volvo’ in its domain name, meta tags and email ID.

Barcodes as trademarks

A unique trademark infringement suit in India involving barcodes

Sandbox for personal data protection: India aims to foster innovation, ensure privacy, achieve transparency

What is sandboxing, and what does it mean for India's Personal Data Protection Bill, 2019 (PDP)?

“The White Tiger”: ‘Catfight’ over copyright

As the movie streams on Netflix, two US filmmakers say they have the adaptation rights to the novel...

India's IP Experts 2021

Who are the leading IP lawyers in India?

Proposed amendments to India's patent rules

What are the changes, and what impact might they have to India's IP landscape?

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