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Rolex S.A. v. FMTM Distribution Ltd [2020] SGIPOS 6

FMTM Distribution Ltd (the applicant) sought to trademark "Mariner", which Rolex contested.

Dealing with disputes in the .vn domain

How best to protect your trade name or trademark from unscrupulous use online?

Vietnam’s Got Talent

Vietnam is emerging as a leading supply chain hub amidst the global pandemic and the Sino-American t...

China’s pharma industry prepares for its own patent linkage system

A deep dive into China's new patent linkage system, and the significant impacts it will have on the...

It’s time to update your patent protection strategies in China

Why is administrative adjudication the preferred way to resolve patent infringement disputes?

Understanding of Markush claims in India

Lawyers discuss the key elements of Markush claims.

Developing a trademark enforcement strategy guided by Sun Tzu and Carl von Clausewitz

What trademark enforcement actions should brand owners make to make themselves invincible?

The latest developments in patent validity examination in China

How has China's patent system improved in recent years?

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