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IPOPHL Sees Bigger Global Role in Years Ahead

IPOPHL recently shared with peers in the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) its experience in...

Idea vs. Expression in India copyright suit

Taking a look at the Shamoil Ahmad Khan v. Falguni Shah And 3 Ors case.

Taiwan boosts infringing website list efforts

Infringing Website List (IWL) launched as a voluntary mechanism for advertisers to ensure that they...

IP owners enjoying stronger copyright protection in China

Lawyers say that despite challenges, the future is bright for China’s copyright law.

Can open source IP bring the vaccine to the world?

As scientists around the world work feverishly on a vaccine for Covid-19, lawyers are exploring ways...

Malaysia’s thriving film animation industry and IP

Are the country’s cartoon film creators ready for IP issues?

Google vs Oracle: A Story of API

Is Oracle's Java API are copyrightable and, if so, did Google infringe these copyrights when they in...

2020 Asia IP Patent Rankings

And the best patent law firms in APAC are...

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