The Philippines quickens digital IP objectives

03 August 2022

The Philippines quickens digital IP objectives

At the recently concluded 63rd Assemblies of the Member States of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), Rowel S. Barba, director general of the Intellectual Property (IP) Office of the Philippines (IPOPHL), called for increased support to maximize the advantages of IP in establishing a cohesive digital economy.

Director General Rowel, who is also the chair of the ASEAN Working Group on IP Cooperation (AWGIPC), says, "We emphasize the importance of strengthening the ASEAN IP systems through digital transformation and are working closely with all stakeholders to accelerate these changes in response to the call at the 53rd ASEAN Economic Minister Meeting in 2021."

He said that various ASEAN sectoral organizations have tackled the fourth industrial revolution, the digital economy, and even the economic recovery through initiatives and mid-term plan frameworks.

The IP sections in these strategy plans show how important IP is for fostering a creative and imaginative culture in the digital environment. The AWGIPC will take the lead in efforts to improve the ASEAN IP Portal in support of the ASEAN cross-pillar digital activities in addition to these regional digitalization initiatives.

o accomplish the objective of speeding the completion of deliverables under the ASEAN IPR Action Plan 2016-2025, with 75% of the deliverables completed by March 2023, the IPOPHL is looking forward to stronger cooperation with WIPO and its member nations. Additionally recognised by the organization are the WIPO's Singapore Office and Division for Asia and the Pacific (WSO).

In the meanwhile, the agency has collaborated with the Korean Institute of Patent Information (KIPI) on substantial research being conducted in order to further automate the IPOPHL services. The study will offer suggestions for an IPOPHL medium- to long-term strategy to automate the identified operations.


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