Saudi Arabia embraces international IP standards; SAIP adopts e-portal system

25 April 2024

Saudi Arabia embraces international IP standards; SAIP adopts e-portal system

Photo: Saudi Authority for Intellectual Property

Saudi Arabia has embraced international intellectual property standards by formally recognizing the Hague Agreement and the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), which would attract and encourage IP owners around the globe to seek protection in the country. This means that designs registered through the Hague Agreement, for example, are now given the same rights and protections as those registered directly in Saudi Arabia.

In addition, the Saudi Authority for Intellectual Property (SAIP) has also recently adopted a new unified e-portal system to process all IPR matters. This, of course, is seen to bolster and facilitate the smooth operation of all intellectual property services provided by SAIP. 

Jehad Ali Hasan, CEO, JAH Intellectual Property, Doha

According to Jehad Ali Hasan, CEO of JAH Intellectual Property in Doha, the adoption of the new e-portal system and recognition of international IP agreements will bring increased efficiency, alignment with international standards and longer design protection.

“The new e-portal system should streamline the application process for trademarks, patents and other IP protection matters, making it faster and easier to file and track applications. This could incentivize more filings from both domestic and international IP owners,” he said. “When it comes to recognizing the Hague Agreement and WIPO standards, Saudi Arabia is making its IP system more compatible with other countries. This could make it more attractive for foreign IP owners to seek protection in Saudi Arabia.” 

He added: “Overall, these changes are likely to make the Saudi Arabian IP system more efficient and internationally recognized. This could attract more domestic and foreign filings for trademarks, patents and designs. However, the stricter trademark examination process may require applicants to be more meticulous in preparing their filings. Other changes are expected to be applied by SAIP to meet the global IP standards. New updates will be communicated to your esteemed firm as they unfold through official announcements from SAIP, or any other official announcements.”

Mohcine Fattah, IP senior director, JAH Intellectual Property,Doha

Mohcine Fattah, an IP senior director at the same company, said that with these new additions, some of the future developments may include fast-track systems, incentives for local innovation and the prevalent use of AI-powered tools.

As for harmonization with international standards, he said: “SAIP might work towards aligning Saudi IP laws and regulations with international standards, making it easier for foreign companies to protect their IP in the kingdom. SAIP might launch educational programs to raise public awareness about the importance of IP rights and how to protect them. Initiatives to support inventors and creators, especially startups, could be implemented, helping them navigate the IP system.”

He added: “Please be advised that the above are just possibilities, as it is always best to stay updated with official announcements from SAIP.”

- Excel V. Dyquingco

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