PH Filings for January-April 2021 increase to 21%

27 May 2021

PH Filings for January-April 2021 increase to 21%

The number of filings for intellectual property (IP) rights security increased by 21% to 15,028 in the first four months of this year, compared to 12,409 in the same timeframe last year.

Utility model (UM) filings increased by 33% to 420 from 315 in the previous quarter.

Filings at 401 increased by 38% year over year, with resident filers accounting for over 95% of the total. Meanwhile, food chemistry (142 filings), basic materials chemistry (26), other special machines (25), handling (15), and IT management methods were the most common fields in science (11).

The number of trademark approvals increased by 26% to 13,041 from 10,354 a year earlier. Residents, who accounted for the majority of trademark filings, boosted the total by 48 percent to 8,089.

Pharmaceuticals, health, and cosmetics (3,939); agricultural goods and services (3,546); science studies, information and communication technology (2,848); management, communications, real estate, and financial services (2,419); and textiles, garments, and accessories (2,419) were the leading sectors for trademark filings (1,914).

Meanwhile, patent applications fell by 6% to 1,235 from 1,320. The largest stumbling block was a 31% decline in non- resident filings, which brought the number to 71. Resident filings, on the other hand, increased by 15% to 129.

Pharmaceuticals (543), organic fine chemistry (311), biotechnology (154), raw materials chemistry (115), and food chemistry filed the most patents during this time span (63).

Filings for industrial designs fell by 21% to 332 from 420. This was attributed to a drop of 5% and 34% in applications from residents and non-residents, respectively.

Furnishing (16); items of adornment (8); other devices (7); fluid storage systems, sanitary, heating, cooling, and air- conditioning equipment, solid fuel (6); other household products (6); and packets and containers for the transport or storing of goods (6) were the top areas of technology for industrial design fillings (6).

Meanwhile, copyright deposits increased by 91%, from 233 to 444.

The increase in filings, particularly in trademarks and utility models, may signify "a more optimistic outlook among businesses and innovation players on the country's rate of recovery from the pandemic," according to IPOPHL Director General Rowel S. Barba.

“It may also indicate that companies are rebuilding stronger by incorporating IP security into their innovation and branding strategies,” Barba said.

Several market practices have been subdued by COVID-19 and the period of intense volatility that resulted, so filings were down for the first time in 2020 across all forms of IP, with some logging record-lows.

“The Office continues to double recognition and education activities on the benefits of IP to companies and streamline our digital registration services to provide ease to registrants,” the IPOPHL director said, adding that “the Office continues to double awareness and education efforts on the benefits of IP to businesses and streamline our digital registration services to provide ease to registrants.”


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