McDonald's Peppa Pig caught in Russia-Ukraine conflict

28 April 2022

McDonald's Peppa Pig caught in Russia-Ukraine conflict

Entertainment One UK, the proprietor of British cartoon favorite Peppa Pig Ltd, brought trademark infringement against Ivan Kozhevnikov for this character. The suit, filed at the lowest level court for civil disputes, accused Kozhevnikov of infringing the Peppa Pig trademark and other intellectual property. However, the judgement is from a lower court and will be appealed, and there is still a decision of the higher courts.

In the Mcdonald's matter, a trademark had been filed that was deceptively similar to the McDonald’s logo, which had now been withdrawn, "Russia is a signatory to a number of bilateral treaties. Hence legally and technically, they would have to give trademark protection," says Govind Chaturvedi, a social media and trademark lawyer. "However, as stated the judgement is of a lower court and we should wait for the appellate court’s decision." For brand owners to protect their logo, he says that the idea is to file their IP and to see that it is implemented in the the correct way, local registration and the advice of experts who specialise in the domestic trademark law are key, as trademark laws are mostly territorial with some exceptions. "The Action taken by Entertainment One UK Limited is under appeal and we should wait for further developments," he says.  

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