IPOPHL Jumps To 9th Place In World Ranking

12 January 2022

IPOPHL Jumps To 9th Place In World Ranking

The Intellectual Property Office of the Philippines (IPOPHL) has jumped from 24th to 9th place in the World Trademark Review's (WTR) 2021 IP Office Innovation Ranking, making it the only developing nation with an IP office in the top ten out of 60 offices rated worldwide.

IPOPHL has achieved an "amazing growth," according to the WTR, putting it ahead of the IP offices of Japan and the United States. Along with Spain and Switzerland, the office enjoys its current location.

IPOPHL Director General Rowel S. Barba commented, "The positive news presented by the WTR report highlights IPOPHL's implementation of innovations to cope with the epidemic and ensure we can continue to serve the people."

IPOPHL accelerated the implementation of technologies and protocols to enable online services such as end-to-end registration, mediation, filing of IP infringement reports, and other office operations at the start of the local community quarantine.

IPOPHL also unveiled its Business Intelligence v2.0 online platform, which uses cutting-edge machine learning and artificial intelligence to boost its big data analytics capabilities. With the launch of its Juan for the World trademark incentive package and the renewal of the Juana Make a Mark and the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) Filing Assistance Program last year, IPOPHL has been aiding MSMEs in addition to its push for digitization.

The World Intellectual Property Organization has also designated IPOPHL as one of only 24 International Searching Authorities and International Preliminary Examining Authorities (ISA/IPEA) worldwide. IPOPHL, along with a few other ISA/IPEAs with perfect scores, topped the completion of international search reports and the timeliness of transmittal categories in the WIPO 2021 PCT Yearly Review.

IP filings climbed by 20% year over year in the first half of 2021, because to increasing digitization, enhanced services, and a larger reach of IP awareness and education initiatives online.

"Our improvement in the WTR rating is the latest example of IPOPHL's consistent dedication to public service." However, we want to go even farther and assist local and international stakeholders in making the most of their intellectual property.," Barba said.

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