IPOPHL Advises Patents For Handloom Weavers

18 November 2022

IPOPHL Advises Patents For Handloom Weavers

The Intellectual Property Office of the Philippines (IPOPHL) has asked handloom weavers to safeguard the intellectual property of their unique designs and creations.

According to Chamlette Garcia, division chief of the Industrial Design Examining Division of the Bureau of Patents, IPOPHL, if the product is new and original, a handloom weaver, if granted a patent will have an exclusive right to exclude others from making, using, and selling the patented/registered product.

“This will give the weavers the protection for a limited number of years (20 for Invention, 7 for Utility Model and 15 years maximum for Industrial Design) in commercializing the technology as a reward for disclosing their technology by filing a patent,” he says. “In applying for patents, they have to prepare the necessary documents required like patent specifications, claim and drawings and file them online. Our website provides a wealth of information on the requirements and filing procedure.”

He adds that it is important not to disclose their product nor commercialize until they file a patent since patent is a first-to-file system.

“IPOPHL provides free seminars on Patents, Copyrights and Trademarks as part of our services to the public,” he says. “Again, they may check on our website for the schedules of these free trainings or seminars being offered to the public. They may also check on our social media accounts (IPOPHL) wherein free training or seminars are being posted.” 





- Excel V. Dyquiangco

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