Thailand beefs up efforts to combat piracy

04 January 2024

Thailand beefs up efforts to combat piracy

The Department of Intellectual Property (DIP) Director-General Vuttikrai Leewiraphan recently announced a memorandum of agreement (MOU) between 30 copyright owners and three well-known online marketplaces – Lazada, Shopee and TikTok Shop. This collaboration aims to strengthen the battle against piracy against counterfeit goods in Thailand. In addition, the DIP is actively working with Facebook to develop technologies for detecting and eliminating counterfeit goods to address copyright concerns. 

These initiatives are anticipated to boost the country’s competitiveness and IP environment while lowering the supply and demand for counterfeit goods. The DIP also urges companies and customers to help the fight against counterfeit goods by selecting genuine goods, verifying the origin and qualify of their purchase, and reporting any suspicious activity to the authorities. 

According to DIP estimates, counterfeit goods with a value of over B2.5 billion (US$72.9 million) were seized in Thailand in 2019. Among the most common counterfeited items were cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, electronics and clothing.

Counterfeit goods not only harm legitimate businesses investing in research and development (R&D) but also endanger the health and safety of consumers who may unknowingly purchase substandard or contaminated products. Moreover, they undermine Thailand’s image as a reliable trading partner and a destination for quality products and services. Despite these challenges, the country still struggles to enforce IP rights laws and protect innovation against piracy and infringement.

- Excel V. Dyquiangco

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