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Taiwan new trademark act in discussion

While the latest draft amendment to the Trademark Act was published by the TIPO (Taiwan IP Office) e...

Taiwan’s public will soon be allowed to play music in parks for free… without infringing copyright

While you might assume record labels would frown on that, they are actually happy as an additional r...

TIPO Recommends Amending Patent Act

Changes aim to make Taiwan's patent dispute system more similar to counterparts in other jurisdictio...

Taiwan’s largest camera lens supplier settles lawsuit with competitor

An experienced lawyer thinks it is all because of one factor.

Taiwan restricts IP flow to China

The jurisdiction is apparently enhancing its national security and interests through carefully secur...

Taiwanese diva accused of copyright infringement by former record label

All singers who have ever changed their companies are liable to this kind of lawsuit, apparently.

Taiwan’s positive patent examination pilot program for startup companies begins tomorrow

While the Dreamstone in “Wonder Woman 1984” does not exist, small enterprises have their wishes gran...

Taiwanese actress jailed for selling knockoffs online

Unlike Monopoly, get out of jail free cards do not exist in the real world!