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Platform shuts down after musicians call out site for selling NFTs of their artworks without consent

“We started the conversation and we’re listening.” These words have been greeting visitors to th...

Writers of Taiwanese Song Accused Of Plagiarism

The successful Taiwanese song "Your Name Engraved Herein," which won Song of the Year at the Golden...

Impacts on the music industry of China’s revised copyright law

Cherry Chunfei Guo says there’s even more for the industry to like about the revision.

Mandopop star Leehom Wang asks fans to stop buying the pirated version of his online singing class

Experts in China share the status of this case and the endeavours taken by the local video-sharing w...

Patriotic hymns from Singapore, India in copyright controversy

A lawyer from Singapore shares her opinion on the plagiarism issue for which the government took a n...

Taiwan’s public will soon be allowed to play music in parks for free… without infringing copyright

While you might assume record labels would frown on that, they are actually happy as an additional r...

Vietnamese pop singer’s alleged copyright violation: a reprise of past charges

What does it say about copyright awareness and the IP system in Vietnam?

Taiwanese diva accused of copyright infringement by former record label

All singers who have ever changed their companies are liable to this kind of lawsuit, apparently.

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