Initiative To Assist SMEs To Expand Globally Launched

13 October 2021

Initiative To Assist SMEs To Expand Globally Launched

To help 100 micro, small, and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs) protect their trademarks and compete in global markets, a program known as Juan For The World (JFTW) was launched.

IPOPHL Director General Rowel S. Barba remarked, "We aim to let them grasp the potential in the worldwide marketplaces and how early trademark protection may help them develop their business with ease."

IPOPHL reported 399 resident registrations under the international filing system between 2012 and 2020, when the Philippines acceded to the Madrid Protocol. Only 154 (or 39%) of these are small businesses.

"This low percentage is due to a lack of funding and experience in the international trademark application process." "All of these obstacles will be broken down by our newest Juan for the World Program," Barba added.

IPOPHL hopes to help 100 MSMEs in obtaining successful Madrid Protocol registrations by the end of 2024 through the initiative.

The JFTW Program will give recipients with financial and technical business support, including marketing, management, and other areas, through corporate and public sector partners. As a result, JFTW is the ultimate trademark incentive package for promoting the worldwide development of Philippine MSMEs.


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