Disruptive Innovation is now Centre Stage

08 January 2020

Disruptive Innovation is now Centre Stage

“Disrupting innovation is taking central stage in the global economy and IP” said Dhanpat Ram Agarwal, founder director of ITAG Business Solutions.

“Disruptive innovation has changed the way the global economy works, challenging traditional industries, and creating some of the world’s largest companies. AirBnB, Alibaba, Uber, Google, Facebook and Twitter are all examples of companies that have transformed their traditional industries” he went on to say. “Every stage of the industrial revolution, from the introduction of the steam engine through to the Internet of Things and AI, has always seen restructuring, and now is no different.”

Agarwal spoke of his hope that disruptive innovation will help improve society in the years ahead, and will help economies to grow. “If we take full advantage of IP and innovation, India can become one of the largest economies in the world” he concluded.

Agarwal was speaking during the opening session of the 12 Global IP Convention, held in New Delhi, India from January 8-10, 2020.

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