Spotify and predicting the personality of the user

10 November 2020

Spotify and predicting the personality of the user

The massive increase in consumption of media, including music and video content, has caused many transformations in the industry. Spotify, for one, secured a patent which discloses techniques for personalizing the content in accordance with the personality traits of a user. The disclosed technique determines personality traits for a user by analysing when, how, where, and who is listening to what. Further, the determined personality traits are used to provide personalized content for improving user experience.

In continuation of a series of applications, the patent application was filed as an attempt to aid media content-providers in improving the convenience with which users consume and experience their personalized content.

According to Priggya Arora, Founder and IP Attorney, PA Legal, though the patent application has been filed only in the US, this technique might be in use in other jurisdictions as well where Spotify operates.

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