Green trademark filings increasing in Singapore – IPOS report

09 July 2024

Green trademark filings increasing in Singapore – IPOS report

Trademark filings for green-related products and services are on the rise in Singapore. 

The Singapore Green Trade Marks Study released by the Intellectual Property Office of Singapore (IPOS) showed that green trademark filings increased by 30 percent over the last five years. The filings also doubled from 2014-2023, growing with a compound annual growth rate of 8.8 percent.  

According to the study, 2023 in particular saw green trademark applications from transportation, climate change and reusables increasing almost three times. Meanwhile, filings from energy production, pollution control, energy conservation, waste management, environmental awareness and agriculture also grew in number in the past 10 years. 

Natalie Huang, senior associate at Baker McKenzie Wong & Leow, Singapore

According to Natalie Huang, senior associate at Baker McKenzie Wong & Leow in Singapore, this positive news is not only reflective of the growing consciousness about sustainability among business enterprises. It also indicates a shift in consumer preferences: More people are now buying environment-friendly products and services. 

“Intellectual property rights play a central role in this trend by offering a protective framework for businesses, innovators and entrepreneurs at the forefront of the green wave. In turn, this encourages the development and dissemination of eco-friendly products and services,” said Huang. 

However, she warned brand owners about the danger of “greenwashing” or making misleading claims about the environmental benefits of a product or service. She stressed: “The potential penalties for such deceptive practices under Singapore laws, which can be exacerbated in sensitive areas like cosmetics and healthcare, underscore the importance of genuine sustainability efforts.” 

“Ultimately, this evolution in the IP landscape is not just about protecting ideas; it is also about fostering a culture of genuine sustainability that benefits businesses, consumers and the environment,” added Huang. 

Read the preliminary findings of the Singapore Green Trade Marks Study here

- Espie Angelica A. de Leon 

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