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Global Innovation Index 2023: India, Vietnam overperform for 13 consecutive years

IP lawyers from Gurugram and Ho Chi Minh discuss why their countries have been overperforming.

Consumer interest: In trademark litigation, are consumers the missing party?

There is a growing belief that the consumer is a crucial third party missing from the courtroom. Esp...

Vietnam’s draft revision to Law on Organization of the People’s Courts for discussion in November

Among others, the draft law provides for the creation of specialized intellectual property courts.

Genuine, fake goods on display at Hanoi exhibit

The exhibit aims to educate people in Vietnam on counterfeiting and trademark protection.

Vietnam’s IP Experts 2023

Vietnam is enthusiastically working with the World Intellectual Property Organization to do its part...

Vietnam reduces IP filing fee for pandemic-affected businesses, individual

Vietnam’s Minister of Finance issues Circular reducing collection rates for 36 fees and charges

Protecting quantum technology in India and Vietnam

Quantum tech to bring advancements in computing, cryptography and communication.