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Tangail Saree recognition as Bangladesh GI product a pivotal stride toward preservation of legacy

GI tag also expands market reach, prevents other countries from claiming ownership of Tangail Saree.

Different jurisdictions, different patentability standards

Obtaining patents in different jurisdictions brings about the challenge of working around different...

Patents: Quality versus quantity

India has emerged as the world’s third-largest startup ecosystem with over 125,000 startups and 110...

Better late than never

Intellectual property in a broad sense does not include only registration, maintenance and disposal...

Analyzing the Delhi High Court’s judgment in Microsoft Technology Licensing v. Assistant Controller of Patents

It is evident that the IP framework of the country is currently undergoing a significant transition.

IP Australia launches new patent search tool

Patent professionals give their assessment of the Australian Patent Search platform.

India’s Draft Patent (Amendment) Rules, 2024 notified

Among others, examination timeline now down from 48 to 31 months, speeding up patent registration.

Special drive to dispose old pending trademark applications in India to be held in April

The initiative proves government aims to modernize, expedite resolution of applications, says IP att...