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Interesting argument in copyright infringement case involving Harper’s Bazaar India, celebrity news agency

Disabling an entire social media page v. disabling just the infringing content

Tesla sues battery manufacturer Tesla Power India for trademark infringement

Indian company’s business may be different but case may tilt in Tesla’s favour, says IP lawyer.

INTA files intervention on interpretation of ‘article’ under India’s Designs Act, 2000

The International Trademark Association (INTA) has filed an intervention before the Delhi High Court...

Analyzing the Delhi High Court’s judgment in Microsoft Technology Licensing v. Assistant Controller of Patents

It is evident that the IP framework of the country is currently undergoing a significant transition.

Delhi High Court demystifies law on product-by-process claims

Key findings from India’s first litigation elaborating on product-by-process patent

Of potato chips and PepsiCo: Peeling the layers of issues involved

The case in India includes issues on incorrect information and farmers’ rights

The Scheme of the Patents Act and Rules obligates the Hearing Officer to pass orders within a reasonable period, says the Delhi High Court

In a slew of matters, the Delhi High Court (DHC) emphasized the need to adhere to the principle of n...

Recording evidence via live transcription in court seen in India for the first time

Delhi High Court allowed live transcription for a patent infringement suit, IP lawyer cites benefits...