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Reality TV show in India sends copyright violation notices to startup participants

The defences available to the startups plus the biggest takeaway from this copyright infringement in...

Singaporean photographer wins appeal in copyright case against artist from Luxembourg

Court decision essential in today’s information age, a triumph for copyright holders, says IP lawyer

Indian music composer cries foul over unauthorized use of song for upcoming flick Coolie

A discussion of India’s Copyright Act and why the composer is doing the right thing

INTA 2024: Debate continues on copyrights for ChatGPT, other generative AI

Intellectual property lawyers shared their insights on the ongoing debate about copyright questions...

Vietnam’s first criminal sentence for online copyright infringement

Sentence is a symbolic landmark in IP rights enforcement in Vietnam, says IP lawyer.

State registration of disposal of exclusive rights under a contract

The turnover of exclusive rights becomes almost commensurate with the turnover of material things, w...

Copyright Forum 2024: More joint initiatives would be welcome in Vietnam, says IP lawyer

The forum’s significance to Vietnam and why Korea is the logical choice of partner for the initiativ...

Challenges in judicial practice for copyright protection in China

China offers a number of remedies to copyright holders’ rights. Bob Zhang, Kayla Sun and Kevin Xu sh...