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Interesting argument in copyright infringement case involving Harper’s Bazaar India, celebrity news agency

Disabling an entire social media page v. disabling just the infringing content

Compensation: A useful alternative to damages

Russian law always provided that infringement of rights for patents and trademarks entailed punishme...

Swiss philosopher sues former Chinese student of copyright infringement

Professor Iso Kern is suing Ni Liangkang, a philosophy professor at Zhejiang University, and the Com...

Vietnam’s first criminal sentence for online copyright infringement

Sentence is a symbolic landmark in IP rights enforcement in Vietnam, says IP lawyer.

INTA 2024: IP ‘more resilient’ to recession than some other industries

Intellectual property firms are better positioned than some industries to withstand the impact of a...

Managing IP in a conflict zone

How can businesses protect their IP rights in the midst of safety hazards and geopolitical tension?

Tesla sues battery manufacturer Tesla Power India for trademark infringement

Indian company’s business may be different but case may tilt in Tesla’s favour, says IP lawyer.

ENZAFruit wins infringement case against local grower in China

The victory also boosts confidence in the agrifood industry in China and its ability to address infr...