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Michael Jordan Wins Trademark Dispute In China

The court considered that 乔丹 as the translated name of the plaintiff's surname "Jordan" has long b...

Clothing apparel holds release of "Python" design

Is it possible to protect tattoo designs?

Who owns the mark? Prior user vs. the first-to-file registrant

In Zuneca Pharmaceuticals v. Natrapharm Inc., the Supreme Court of the Philippines ruled that regist...

Sonic Malaysia

As Malaysia has seen many developments in the trademark and patent laws in the past 12 months, they...

Fashion and intellectual property: Some designers are sharing, selling their garment patterns

What are the risks and how can fashion designers prevent misuse of intellectual property?

The Khadi and Village Industries Commission takes down illegal Khadi products online

The Commission’s chairman and the lawyer involved share the nuts and bolts of this action through vi...

South Korea amends major IP laws for stronger enforcement

How have South Korea's IP laws been made more friendly for right holders?

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