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Château Lafite castles spotted in China!

Are they legitimate, though?

India’s IP scene in the era of Covid-19

With rising numbers of daily cases and a weakening economy, how is the IP scene in India doing?

Trademark Hearings through Video Conferencing

Will video conferencing be the new normal?

What's in a name?

What issues surround trademarking a deceased celebrity's name?

India’s improved consumer laws and regulations target counterfeits online

A local expert explains the reasons for them with statistics.

Trademark Infringement and Products Sold Online

Does the use of a trademark in the title of a product sold online constitute trademark infringement?

Co(rona) Rush

What has happened in the Korean IP scene in the past few months?

Birds of Fake

Trademark enforcement experts across Asia talk to Johnny Chan about the ever-challenging field, insi...

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