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Taiwan’s positive patent examination pilot program for startup companies begins tomorrow

While the Dreamstone in “Wonder Woman 1984” does not exist, small enterprises have their wishes gran...

Is patenting a soup recipe possible?

The case concerns a patent for “Ragi and Walnut Soup Mix.”

Securing Social Media Patents

Companies are focusing on introducing newer technologies to gauge consumer attention - with patent r...

Sonic Malaysia

As Malaysia has seen many developments in the trademark and patent laws in the past 12 months, they...

AutoStore sues Ocado for infringing technology patents central to the Ocado Smart Platform

The legal battle between an automated storage and retrieval systems pioneer and an UK FTSE 100-liste...

Claim miners: Working around the patented claims

Claim mining is a technique by which a later inventor can work around the claimed patented invention...

Go digital and be simple in 2020 with new patent rules in India

New patent rules aim to benefit startups and SMEs, as well as female patent applicants.

South Korea amends major IP laws for stronger enforcement

How have South Korea's IP laws been made more friendly for right holders?

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