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Myanmar patent law comes into effect

Under the newly enacted Patent Law, inventions and utility models will become eligible for registrat...

IPOS denies American fitness brand’s trademark invalidation bid against Sweden-based firm

Salient points of the legal decision published by IPOS on May 30, 2024

South Korea fashion labels launch association to crack down counterfeits

Small- and medium-sized fashion brands teamed up with online fashion retailer Musinsa to establish t...

Indonesia welcomes adoption of treaty

This treaty fosters transparency, along with other benefits, for Indonesia and countries possessing...

Reality TV show in India sends copyright violation notices to startup participants

The defences available to the startups plus the biggest takeaway from this copyright infringement in...

Indian music composer cries foul over unauthorized use of song for upcoming flick Coolie

A discussion of India’s Copyright Act and why the composer is doing the right thing

Vietnam’s first criminal sentence for online copyright infringement

Sentence is a symbolic landmark in IP rights enforcement in Vietnam, says IP lawyer.

Laos signs validation agreement with the European Patent Office

This agreement is a major step toward promoting innovation, advancing economic growth and bolstering...