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May 2023 - Volume 15 Issue 5

May 2023 - Volume 15 Issue 5 - May, 2023

- New trademark law in Myanmar now in full force
- Indonesia readies IP-Based Financing for creative economy growth
- ALC: Key trends in the licensing industry
- Has your mark acquired a secondary meaning?
- China: Notarial protection of trademark rights
- The ABCs of typefaces and fonts
- Intellectual property on the high seas
- IP Experts Indonesia 2023
- IP Experts Thailand 2023

- (India) Some thoughts on due diligence and safe harbour in India
- (India) The Delhi High Court’s Decision in OpenTV
- (ASEAN) Singapore: Who Owns the Copyright?
- (Russia) Features of claims for the protection of the right to a brand name in the current practice of the Russian IP Court