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March 2023 Volume 15 Issue 3

March 2023 Volume 15 Issue 3 - Mar, 2023

- Women shine in IP

- What the updates to the IPBE Act in Singapore mean
- Asia IP’s editorial team reveals China’s top IP firms, practices
- Analysis on the protection of a well-known drug trademark — China’s court recognizes Novartis in Chinese as a well-known trademark
- IP Experts 2023: Macau
- The unitary patent in Europe: How will it affect Asia and the Pacific?
- IP Experts 2023: Philippines
- IP Experts 2023: Bangladesh
- Industrial designers turn to the metavers

- (ASEAN) Fair Isaac Corporation v. LAC Co., Ltd [2022] SGIPOS 19
- (India) Code-generated GUIs are protectable designs!
- (Russia) On cross-licensing of industrial property objects