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Volume 14 Issue 9

Volume 14 Issue 9 - Oct, 2022

Cover Story
- How IP gaps can hamper strategy and innovation

- Minding the Gaps

- Asia IP's editorial team reveals India's top IP firms, practices
- Territoriality in the age of cloud computing and data storage
- IP Experts 2022: China
- Advantages and drawbacks of the arbitration of IP disputes
- Declassifying trade secret licensing
- Restrictive covenants: How do they affect employees, trade secrets and non-competes?
- 2022 Asia IP Awards Shortlist

- ASEAN: Singapore: Importance of the use of a registered mark in a revocation action
- INDIA: Growing laws for growing fraud!
- INDIA: Be aware if you are using 'about' in a patent claim!
- INDIA: Trademark advertising in India through Google Ads - Current scenario 4
- PHILIPPINES: James Bond declared as a well-known mark