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Asia IP Volume 14 Issue 7

Asia IP Volume 14 Issue 7 - Aug, 2022

Cover Story
- The fight against trademark squatting in China


China Strategies Guide 2022
- Legal measures for intellectual property infringement in China
- Parallel imports in China: Problems and feasible solutions
- Protecting your ideas under China's copyright law
- Ip challenges behind livestraming ecommerce in China
- Patentability of AI-related patent applications
- On amendment to a Markush claim during patent invalidation proceedings
- A way to reinforce your patents in China
- Trademark protection in the animation industry and other relevant issues
- A granted utility model patent as priortity

- IP Experts 2022: Malaysia
- Suddenly it's not so easy to invalidate a patent in Malaysia
- IP Experts 2022: Nepal
- Joint authorship and copyright
- Empowering youth through IP laws
- IP Experts 2022: Vietnam

- ASEAN: Sociedad Anonima Damm v. Hijos De Rivera, S.A. [2022] SGIPOS 6
- INDIA: Free trade? Not so much?
- INDIA: Looking beyond the novelty lines
- PHILIPPINES: English translation: Amust