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Volume 14 Issue 6

Volume 14 Issue 6 - Jul, 2022

Cover Story
- 3-D Bio Printing Patentability Challenges in India

- Money, money, money!

- Battle between Indian copyright societies sparks question: How many copyright societies does a country need?
- Evolution of scope of amendment of specification under Indian patent law
- Strategizing brand protection and management to augment company value
- IP and data privacy issues companies should think about for M&A
- Using your IP to launch ytour product in a new market
- So long lives this fame, or not?
- PitchMark seeks to level the playing fields for SME's and individual creatives
- IP Experts 2022:Taiwan
- A comparative study of patent lititagion defenses in the Top 5 U.S. District Courts

ASEAN: Twitter, Inc. v. VV Technology Pte Ltd [2022] SGIPOS 4
INDIA: The potential of a pre grant opposition
INDIA: Notification of crop species in Indian Plant Variety Act: Reccent developments
THAILAND: Thailand's first judgement to test ecommerce platform liability for IP Infringement