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 Alex Hyon Cho

Alex Hyon Cho

Trademark Attorney


South Korea

3rd Floor, 95 Seosomun-ro, Jung-gu,
Seoul 04516
South Korea



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Alex Hyon Cho

Areas of Expertise



Alex Cho is a vastly experienced trademark attorney, who
has handled all types of matters relating to trademark
in South Korea and around the world on behalf of multinational
corporate clients for more than 20 years.
More specifically, Mr. Cho has handled all types of work
relating to trademark, such as trademark search, filing
and prosecution, as well as enforcement and litigation
matters relating to trademark in South Korea and around
the world.
Further, Mr. Cho has advised corporate clients over the
years about the issues, which closely relate to trademark,
such as copyright, advertising, labeling and packaging as
well as licensing of trademark rights.
With handling of such extensive range of intellectual
property matters over the years, Mr. Cho has gained the
skills of effectively advising corporate clients on issues
such as:
1. The best ways to protect their intellectual property
rights in South Korea and around the world;
2. The possible legal and business/practical risks of
conducting their business under challenging situations;
3. The best strategy of conducting complex litigation; and
4. The cost-effective ways of handling legal issues under
tight budget situation.
Thus, if you would need an experienced trademark counsel,
who can provide practical and cost-effective solution to a
trademark problem, Mr. Cho would be a good counsel for
providing such assistance to you.