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 Qiulin Zhang

Qiulin Zhang

Partner / Attorney at Law / Patent Attorney

Fairsky Law Office


18th Floor Scitech Tower, 22 Jian Guo Men Wai Avenue,
Chaoyang District
Beijing 10002



E-mail Address:

Qiulin Zhang

Areas of Expertise

Patents, IP Litigation, Pharma & Biotech


Qiulin Zhang is a partner, attorney at law and patent attorney; he has a Master’s of Science in organic chemistry and a Master’s of Law; Mr. Zhang has been engaged in new drug research and development for two years, and in foreign patent agency for about 10 years at China Patent Agency (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd. and Beijing Zhongzi Law Office. Mr. Zhang is familiar with intellectual property legal affairs such as patents and trade secrets and is particularly skilled in patent invalidation and litigation cases, as well as trade secret litigation cases in technical fields such as chemistry, chemical engineering, materials, biology, medicine, etc;


Mr. Zhang has represented classic cases such as the highest compensation the history of the People's Court of Rmb159 million in in the case of “Vanillin” infringement on technological secrets and the first case of “eldecalcitol” Chinese drug patent link judicial litigation.