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 Johnson Ge

Johnson Ge

Managing Partner

Uni-intel Patent and Trademark Law Firm


3F, Tower A, GT International Center
Jia-3, Yongandongli, Jianwai Ave, Chaoyang District
Beijing 100022



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Johnson Ge

Areas of Expertise

Patents, Trademarks, Enforcement, IP Litigation, IT & Telecoms


Johnson Ge is skillful in handling patent work in the fields of electrics/electronics, telecommunications and software, especially in patent infringement analysis, patent invalidation and patent infringement litigation work. With a rich knowledge in the relevant technology and deep understanding of patent law, he has helped to solve a number of patent problems for both domestic and overseas clients, by which a good reputation has been well established.


Mr. Ge received his B.S in solid state physics from Beijing Normal University in 1992 and his M.S. in Metrology from Nankai University in 1995. In 2002, Mr. Ge joined Beijing Insight IP firm to start his patent attorney career, where he handled hundreds of patent drafting and prosecution works in the fields of electrics, telecommunications and mechanics over four years. In 2006, Mr. Ge joined Beijing WHD IP firm, where he was appointed as director of the patent team. While working at WHD, Mr. Ge handled not only a large number of patent filing and prosecution works but also hundreds of patent contentious matters, such as patent re-examination, patent invalidation and patent infringement litigation. This has given Mr. Ge a rich experience of the entire Chinese patent practice. In 2011, Mr. Ge co-founded an IP firm where he kept on with his efforts on patent portfolio building and enforcement. One of the infringement cases he handled during this period was ranked by the China Supreme Court as a Top Ten patent case in 2015; this case was regarded later by the Supreme Court as the Guidance Case No. 83. In 2018, Mr. Ge joined Uni-intel Patent and Trademark Law Firm as a partner, where he continues his work on patent filing and enforcement in China.