Pakistan’s General Cosmetics Act 2023

26 September 2023

Pakistan’s General Cosmetics Act 2023

Pakistan has enacted the General Cosmetics Act 2023, which aims to regulate the standard and quality of cosmetic products in the country. This includes the labelling, packaging, manufacturing, storage, distribution and sales of cosmetic products and ancillary matters.

The Pakistan General Cosmetics Act 2023 also covers counterfeit or fake cosmetic goods.

Sana Shaikh Fikree, Senior Associate, Vellani & Vellani, Karachi

“The act further imposes penalties on persons involved in counterfeiting of cosmetics. The term ‘counterfeit cosmetic’ has been defined to mean cosmetics manufactured, processed and packed in violation of registered trademarks, labels, designs and copyrights. The act prescribes penal sanctions, such as rigorous imprisonment of three years and fine up to PRs 5 million (US$17,313) on whoever is found involved in counterfeiting of cosmetics. The act further provides remedies, such as, sealing of premises where counterfeit cosmetics are found to be processed and confiscation of counterfeit cosmetics,” said Sana Shaikh Fikree, senior associate at Vellani & Vellani in Karachi.

The act also provides for the Pakistan General Cosmetics Regulatory Authority, an autonomous body under the Ministry of Science and Technology, composed of members with significant experience in general cosmetics, chemistry, dermatology and the fraternity of law. 

“Further, the authority has been empowered, inter alia, to make policies for the development of cosmetics business in Pakistan and for the import and export of general cosmetics,” said Fikree.

“The act aims to ensure and promote availability of safe and high-quality cosmetics to an average consumer in Pakistan and combat the menace of counterfeit cosmetics in Pakistan. Since the act has been recently enacted, it is yet to be seen as to how effective it will be in accomplishing the above. It will also be interesting to see what rules, particularly with regard to the production, distribution and storage of cosmetics will be framed under the act in the future,” she added. 

- Espie Angelica A. de Leon

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