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Malaysian film council, MyIPO partner for IP registration

06 June 2024

Malaysian film council, MyIPO partner for IP registration

The Malaysian Intellectual Property Corporation (MyIPO) and the National Film Development Corporation (Finas) will work together to promote IP registration among performers and other creative professionals in the nation.

In addition to providing security against film industry piracy, the move, according to Finas CEO Datuk Azmir Saifuddin Mutalib, is critical to enabling performers and artists to make a consistent living through a variety of means, including distribution sales and remixes (re-recordings of works). “Intellectual property has a great deal of importance when discussing business,” he said. “Producers occasionally only witness box office hits this year, and perhaps even the next year as well, but when we own the intellectual property and rights to the work, we can monetize it in a variety of ways (later).”

He added: “For example, if a popular movie genre from the 1980s is remixed today, we can claim intellectual property rights. But in general, monetization may be carried out based on the caliber of the job.”

Azmir also said that he met with Kamal Kormin, the director-general of MyIPO, to talk about intellectual property concerns in the film and creative industries. Several more sessions will be held to determine the best possible arrangement for collaboration.

The proposal to amend the Finas Act 1981 (Act 244) to include content creators for commercial films is now in its final draft, according to Azmir, and it is anticipated to be presented in the Dewan Rakyat in September.

- Excel V. Dyquiangco

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