IP Australia launches SME Portal for small and medium enterprises

04 August 2020

IP Australia launches SME Portal for small and medium enterprises

IP Australia has introduced its SME Portal – a site designed for SME owners who want to protect their IP rights in Australia. It is also a valuable resource for those aiming to take the global route as far as their IP is concerned.

SME Portal allows visitors to access webinars, toolkits and how-to guides which provide information about understanding, identifying and protecting an organization’s IP assets including the basic details. Among these are IP Explained, Attorney Toolkit, IP for Digital Business, Understand Commercialisation, IP Contract Generator and Enforce your IP. 

Through SME Portal, visitors may also access IP Australia’s SME Fastrack and SME Case Management Program. 

SME Fastrack is an expedited examination service. On the other hand, SME Case Management Program connects an applicant with a subject matter expert from the agency at any stage of the application process.  

Also available are updates on Australia’s IP systems including the current phasing out of the innovation patent due to legislative amendments. It also contains information about programs and services that assist SMEs in bringing their innovations to the market. 

Access the IP Australia SME Portal here.


Espie Angelica A. de Leon

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