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Copyright museum opens in South Korea

01 December 2023

Copyright museum opens in South Korea

The National Copyright Museum was inaugurated in Jinju, South Gyeongsang, through a collaborative effort between the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism and the Korea Copyright Commission. The newly established government-run museum aims to offer young Koreans diverse hands-on experiences, facilitating their easy understanding of copyright-related matters.

During the opening ceremony, Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism Yu In-chon emphasized that safeguarding the rights of creators is a fundamental prerequisite for advancing culture, arts and content industries.

In addition, Amazon, a dance crew affiliated with 1Million Dance Studio, also performed at the event. This performance aimed to underscore the significance of choreography in K-pop and emphasize the need for copyright protection. Notably, three choreographic pieces from 1Million Dance Studio’s choreographer Back Kooyoung, known for his work with K-pop bands like EXO and The Boyz, were contributed to the museum. These works will feature in an interactive exhibition segment, aimed at educating visitors about choreography copyright law through hands-on experiences.

The museum’s first floor provides with an immersive journey into the creative process, offering insights into potential copyright challenges. Emphasizing the relevance of copyright across various creative domains like music, video production, photography, computer science, and architecture, the culture ministry stressed the importance of copyright awareness for artists.

Meanwhile, the second level serves as an educational hub and provides a range of activities about the exhibitions located on the ground floor. A total of 415 historical and archival documents on copyright have been acquired by the National Copyright Museum. These resources include Yoo Gil-joon’s “Seoyugyeonmun” (1895), the first Korean document to discuss copyright, and a 1961 photocopy of the Gutenberg Bible.

Yu said: “We will make every effort to guarantee that the copyright industry keeps growing and evolving in accordance with the new environment.”

- Excel V. Dyquiangco

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