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Cambodia PM urges ministry to fortify efforts to IP rights

25 March 2024

Cambodia PM urges ministry to fortify efforts to IP rights

To combat plagiarism, Prime Minister Hun Manet asked the Ministry of Culture and Fine Arts, as well as pertinent organizations, to fortify efforts on intellectual property, copyright and associated rights. He also urged them to update the pertinent legislative framework to reflect advancements in technology.

During the 26th National Cultural Day held recently at the Koh Pich Convention and Exhibition Centre with over 4,000 attendees, Manet said that one of the government’s top goals for safeguarding national identity and individual identities is the arts and cultural sector.

He said in his speech: “All relevant educational articles, images and short films should be produced in collaboration with artists by the Ministry of Culture and Fine Arts. The people might get more familiar with national culture by attending more cultural events, such as traditional music performances, Angkor Dictation, Angkor Thanksgiving and other cultural events.”

He also pointed out that young people’s involvement in the cinema business has contributed to its good growth in recent years, which made both performances and the creation of new works more exciting and appealing.

He did concede, though, that the creative and cultural industries were still young and did not yet reflect the changing socioeconomic landscape. To uphold identity and professional ethics, Manet asked the Ministry to expand its collaboration with youth by offering technical support to those who are starting to do research and produce new songs, films and other cultural works.

Manet said: “In order to increase market trust, we must encourage young people to focus on improving the quality and productivity, avoid plagiarism of all traditional and modern art forms, and develop innovative ideas. In order to prevent plagiarism, the ministry and associated institutions must strengthen the work related to intellectual property, copyright and related rights.”

Furthermore, it is necessary to update the pertinent legal framework to reflect current technological advancements and global collaboration.

As for historical sites, pagodas and structures, he instructed the ministry, pertinent ministries and local authorities at all levels to keep an eye on their protection and preservation. They should act promptly and efficiently to prevent and stop cultural crimes.

- Excel V. Dyquiangco

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