Young Mo Kwon

Young Mo Kwon


Lee & Ko

South Korea

Hanjin Building, 63 Namdaemun-ro, Jung-gu
Seoul 04532, Korea
South Korea


+82 2 772 4446

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Young Mo Kwon

Areas of Expertise

Patents, Litigation


Young Mo Kwon, a partner at Lee & Ko, is recognized as one of the leading IP trial lawyers in Korea with a wealth of experience to back his reputation and a solid technical background making him more unique and distinctive among other IP practitioners. Since starting his practice in 1987, he has focused on the enforcement of IP rights with a particular emphasis on patents and technology licensing. His extensive representation of multinational and domestic corporations covers all major technical fields including electrical, mechanical, chemical, pharmaceutical, bio, computer and other industries. Most notably, he successfully defended one of the largest Korean conglomerates in a landmark case, initiated by a global corporation (in Korea and in the U.S.) alleging infringement of a patent for polyester tire code. In addition, he successfully defended one of the largest biogenetics companies in a claim of infringement of a genetic engineering patent for BGH, which is the first biogenetics case ever filed before Korean court. His success record continues with his defense of the largest corporate group in Korea in a claim of infringement of a patent for a drilling ship device for multi-tasking exploratory or developmental drilling and his defense of a medium-sized Korean company in a multi-jurisdictional patent litigation brought by a global semiconductor probe card manufacturer in connection with semiconductor probe card assembly, where his victory created a favorable outcome in other jurisdictions.

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