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Japan rejects bid from China to use “AINU” trademark for products

A Chinese IP expert thinks the rejection is reasonable as any other country would do the same to pro...

"Fish Selling Bro" files trademark application in China - until someone beats him to it

While the case might appear to be over for the "Fish Selling Bro", one lawyer thinks that this is th...

For the first time, China tops Trademark Applications at USPTO

What is the significance of this unprecedented growth?

The Case of the Mistaken Footware

Nike and Puma butt heads in latest trademark dispute.

Registering COVID-19 Trademark Applications - Illegal or not?

The rush to trademark COVID-19 - related terms.

Bad Faith Trademark Applications in Turkey; The Crackdown Begins?

For the first time in more than a dozen years, a bad faith trademark registrant in Turkey has been o...

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