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Domain names and meta tags in trademark infringement

A travel agency in India used ‘Volvo’ in its domain name, meta tags and email ID.

Birds of Fake

Trademark enforcement experts across Asia talk to Johnny Chan about the ever-challenging field, insi...

Brand Wars: The Rise of Grey Product

Deep dive into the harms of parallel imports.

Intellectual Property Financing Unveiled

Breakdown of the different types of IP financing.

Trade (secret) story

Experts share how to win a trade secret theft lawsuit.

Monsanto Patent Restored by India's Supreme Court

Monsanto's patented Bt gene technology has been restored.

Ever-evolving India

How has India's strong economic growth impacted IP?

Remfry & Sagar Has Multiple Promotions

Multiple promotions at Remfry & Sagar, including Deepak Lamba (pictured).

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