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China withdraws some patent applications

China is now switching from quantity to quality by withdrawing patent applications not filed for the...

China contributes half of the global blockchain patent applications

The country is not only dominating the world with economic power, but technologies and innovations a...

South Korea records second-largest increase in international patent applications

Covid-19 seems to have little impact on hindering local companies to expand foreign operations.

It’s time to update your patent protection strategies in China

Why is administrative adjudication the preferred way to resolve patent infringement disputes?

“One-stop copyright registration window” for indie musicians in China set to open

The government of China is launching a “one-stop copyright registration window” service for independ...

What constitutes anticipation by previous communication to the government?

A look at the case law in India surrounding previous communication.

Europe is a global hub for innovation in 3D printing, new study from European Patent Office shows

Surge in additive manufacturing is part of the broader, rapid rise of digital technologies overall,...

USPTO allows electronic filing of plant patent applications

Effects of virus deemed "extraordinary situation".

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