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Indonesia strives to protect film intellectual property

The Directorate General of Intellectual Property of the Law and Human Rights Ministry is working to...

Obscure copyrights in Asia – and what they mean for vintage films

Japan has recently introduced amendments to its law that will make it easy to share vintage movies a...

Attempt to misappropriate Sholay watered down by Delhi High Court

Sholay, the title of an iconic film, cannot be held devoid of protection, the Delhi High Court said,...

Using copyright and trademarks for films and other shows

Without a proper plan to clear the use of intellectual property protected as trademarks or copyright...

Malaysia’s thriving film animation industry and IP

Are the country’s cartoon film creators ready for IP issues?

The IP Buzz in China’s film industry

Chinese studios eager to capitalize on their copyright.

China Daily Forum Unveils the Value of IP in Film and Creative Industries

Strategic IP Management in China’s Film and Creative Industries.

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