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Gladys Mirandah of patrick mirandah co offers the following quick reference guide for the trademark system in Indonesia.
‘Harvard,’ one of the most famous marks in the world, went all the way to the Supreme Court of the Philippines to protect its mark against a local clothing manufacturer.
A concentrated effort by the Philippines’ National Committee on Intellectual Property Rights is paying off, say Jennifer D Fajelagutan and Ian Mirandah.
Across Asia and the Pacific, patent laws are constantly evolving. With the help of lawyers around the region, Asia IP examines the latest changes.
Trademark owners often find themselves confused (or worse, they forget) about the correct timings for filing the Affidavits of Use or Declarations of Actual Use in the Philippines. Jennifer D Fajelagu...
Although Malaysia has remained on the US Trade Representative’s Watch List since 2002, IP lawyers in Kuala Lumpur say the country has a strong IP rights regime and that its enforcement challenges are ...
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