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China Shows its Hand   2013-05-13
Anna Zhang looks into China’s intellectual property regime: pluses and minuses between squatting, copying and inconsistent application of law.
India Joins Madrid   2013-04-01
As India accedes to the Madrid Protocol, Indian IP practitioners are preparing for an expected growth in international applications. Lucy Rana explains.
As India’s print and publication industry continues to thrive, it remains marred by low intellectual property rights awareness. Lucy Rana reports from New Delhi on how publishers can best manage their...
Thailand is amending its trademark, patent and copyright laws to meet the Madrid Protocol and international standards. IP lawyers tell Johnny Chan about the new trademark and copyright bills, as well ...
In 2013, ICANN will consider more than 1,900 applications for new Generic Top Level Domains including .shop, .hotel .公司 and .新闻. Jannik Skou takes a look at the evolving domain name space to help bran...
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