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The US Supreme Court’s decision in Bilski v. Kappos is good news for clean energy innovators in Asia, and is expected to spur innovation and attract investment capital needed for research, development...
The Green Revolution   2011-09-01
Companies large and small are adopting measures and inventing technologies that help solve environment-related problems, including global climate change. Dhruv Anand explores the concept, and what it ...
A copyright dispute in the Eastern District of New York alleges a Harry Potter-based theme park is selling merchandise making unauthorized use of a font based on the handwriting of artist Paul Cezanne...
Dave A Wyatt and Lim Eng Leong examine recent changes to Malaysia’s intellectual property laws.
Going Green   2011-02-01
After seeing positive responses from patent applicants in the green technology area, the USPTO has extended its Green Technology Pilot Program.
Vietnam’s pharmaceutical industry has huge potential, but numerous IP challenges exist. Thomas J Treutler explains the hurdles foreign pharma companies face in Vietnam.
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