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Plans to harmonize ASEAN IP laws are underway. Lawyers from around the region tell Gregory Glass what they expect from the efforts.
Indonesia’s patent law is evolving to include recognition of microorganisms. Cita Citrawinda examines how the changes will enhance protection for patents of microorganisms.
Law firms may be the only thing you think of when it comes to brand protection, but working alongside them are IP service providers, the powers of which have long been underestimated. Johnny Chan reve...
My name is Johnny. While the Umbrella Corporation has been stopped to bring life from death in the movies, the war against pharmaceutical counterfeiters in the real world is just getting started. This...
The pharmaceutical industry is in for a long war against counterfeiters. Johnny Chan reports from the front lines.
As much as they might want to, companies simply cannot take all their IP work in-house and must outsource at some point, but who, what, when, where, why and how should work be outsourced? Lawyers acro...
Johnny Chan speaks to lawyers across jurisdictions about their privacy laws, outsourcing trends and the future of boutique firms.
Landmarks   2016-10-17
In preparation for the annual Asia IP Awards in Bali this month, the staff at Asia IP has reviewed hundreds of cases submitted by law firms around the region. Simon Lee shares some of the best.
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