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Copyright restricts “total use” of the work entitled to protection, making the law useful to check unauthorized “use” of copyrighted works. Vikram Grover and Anukriti Pareek report on the challenges o...
The Turning Point   2012-10-01
A recent global recession has hit many economies that are still recovering from the latest financial turmoil. Having enjoyed nearly a century of prosperity, how are law firms handling this crisis? Ann...
The Tiger Stirs   2011-09-01
Changes in intellectual property laws and practice in India in the last few years have strengthened the country’s IP provisions, but how much teeth does India’s intellectual property regime really hav...
Vishnu Rethinam takes a peek into litigation over use of trademarks as keywords in internet advertising by advertisers and search engines.
GI Manual Finalized   2011-08-01
2010 Landmark Cases   2011-07-01
Asia IP takes its annual look at the top cases of the previous year.
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