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Product Strange   2016-11-30
Finished products and raw materials alike can flow out of poorly-managed supply chains and sold in other countries as parallel imports, but many lawyers say legislation is insufficient to tackle the i...
Lawyers talk to Johnny Chan about the overlap of information and communications technology (ICT) and telecommunications, media and technology (TMT), relevant laws, specialization of firms and the loss...
Landmarks   2016-10-17
In preparation for the annual Asia IP Awards in Bali this month, the staff at Asia IP has reviewed hundreds of cases submitted by law firms around the region. Simon Lee shares some of the best.
IP Valuation 101   2016-08-31
Lawyers across Asia talk with Johnny Chan about IP valuation, discussing everything from its range of cost, methods – and the aftermath of not doing any.
Jumping Through Hoops   2016-03-31
As pharmaceutical companies navigate recent changes in legislation and jurisprudence, Johnny Chan learns from experts about patent law loopholes – and the future of the industry.
Make in India   2016-01-06
With the first year-and-a-half of Narendra Modi’s term as prime minister of India in the books, lawyers in India weigh in on the state of Make in India, India’s IP regime and the country’s attractiven...
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